Individual tennis lesson

Fixed schedule or flexible for individual tennis lessons!
For children or adults, beginners and advanced

Efficacy is increased at private lessons because you do not depend on the learning rhythm of a group. So the number of executions is higher and also the attention and the time, the coach only give you, increases toward a group lessons.

Individual tennis lessons help you progress exactly where you need, on a customized training plan to your rhythm and game features.

And for advancements that want to improve or correct specific aspects of the game, such as concentration, effort increase, different technical or tactical methods.

It is also indicated if you want to feel good with a game partner who can adjust the level of play to a close one
Depending on the specific needs, more emphasis will be placed on the right mental setting, the knowledge of the stokes or the understanding of tactics and strategy, before a tennis match.

You can book now a lesson for 1h, 1.5h or 2h

Winter season rates,
130 lei / 1h includes: tennis court, balls, rackets and teacher
Subscriptions for 21 weeks
Private lessons 2520 lei for 21 hours (120lei / 1h)

Summer season rates,

100lei / 1h from Monday to Friday until 17.00pm
120 / h from Monday to Friday between 17.00-22.00, Saturday and Sunday
For subscriptions we ofer 10% discount

At our club you will always find a trained and passionate coach of the job he practices!