Private Tennis Lessons

      Private Tennis lessons in Bucharest


for children and adults who are experienced orbeginner,
with entuziast coach in north of Bucharest


24 euro / 1h  including: court, balls, materials  and teacher fee

         Subscriptions for 21 weeks

           Private lessons 466 euro for 21lessons / 1h per lesson
Private tennis lessons target those who want to pay more attention to training
A specific goal of mental, physical, technical or tactical improvement of the game is pursued,
 result that can be put into practice in amateur or professional competitions.
In these exercises the emphasis is on the movement technique, and the hits technique or on the psychology and tactics of the tennis game

Private tennis  with fix appointment or with flexible time schedule

Private lessons are designed to improve your particular needs!
One private lesson can be held regulary or not, and you can book a lesson for 1h, 1,5h or 2h



After You Come To Play In Star Tennis Club There Is A Big Chance You Feel Extraordinary Good!
We are confident when you start playing tennis with us you will enjoy the lessson and you want to play tennis again!


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